MeWell (Mental Wellbeing Community)

We are a community of students and staff members from Zürich universtities that seek to improve mental wellbeing in academia.

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Our community

The Mental Wellbeing Community is a non-profit organization (Verein). Its members are friends, colleagues, and activists trying to bring about positive change in how academia interacts with mental health. We want to achieve this by focusing on 3 projects:

Increase the awareness and importance

We continually strive to host events and initiatives for the academic community. From relaxing events to guest talks to panel discussions with field experts, we want to engage our local academic community.

Provide a strong peer-support community

We are creating an ever-growing community of friends in which we promote a safe space for people to feel welcome and to discuss topics that may be on our minds. The goal is to have frequent, healthy interactions between peers.

Become the on-campus hub for all information

We provide information about helpful events and resources to those in need and to those who are generally interested. Our partnership with local organizations facilitates the transfer of this information.

Want to find out more? Most information can be found in the annual report and bylaws on your right. If you still have questions, always feel free to drop us a message through this contact form.


We invite you to join all (or some) of our events. These consist of online round tables, online talks and maybe soon also live events. You can find our calendar further below or directly visit our Eventbrite page.

Monthly topics

Most of our events revolve around a certain topic that changes every month. You can also find posts about the topic of the month on our social media channels. Be sure to check them out!


Here is a list of our upcoming events on our Eventbrite page. We hope to see you there!


Mental Health

1 in 3

People experience mental illness in their lives.

1 in 2

PhD students experience psychological distress.

1 in 5

young Swiss adults with mental illness currently receive treatment.
(Levecque et al., 2017 and Werlen et al., 2020)

Information hub

We are currently working on collecting, summarizing and visualizing information about mental health as well as corresponding services and contact points in and around Zürich.

Meet the team

We have a lot of fun at our internal Meetings, Even online!


Board members

Tiyam Nikray


Tiara Greber

Vice President

Dr. David Neubauer


Fiorina Giuliani

Events Team Coordinator

Yue Yu

Events Committee

Chris Scarpa

Events Committee

Naima Ferrante

Events Committee

Anja Wullschleger

Design Committee

Committee members

Tülay Karakulak

Events and Community Committee

Dr. Arnav Mehrotra

Promotion Committee

Laura Gabriel

Events and Community Committee

Stella Harper

Finance Committee

Katarzyna Kita

Events Committee

Lou Troxler

Events Committee

Active members

Mohammad Nouraddini


Ghjulia Sialelli

Jonathan Clemens

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