How to stay mentally healthy ?

The state of mental health can change over time going from worse to better and vice versa. Several biological, psychological and social factors/resources/stressors can influence whether one is rather healthy or rather ill. Some of these factors/resources/stressors can be changed, others not. Not for everything that is good for your mental health a (professional) service is necessary. Below are several self-care ideas. In case of worsening mental health an early intervention and early advice on professional treatment is recommended.


  • Relieve stress
  • Lower anxiety levels
  • Decrease depression
  • Offered by ASVZ

Health Lunchtime Event (ETH)

  • Once per semester
  • Organised by human resources at ETH
  • Talks with different topics regarding mental and physical health, personal and professional development
  • Material/videos available on their website

MeWell Events

  • Peer support for people in academia in Zurich
    • E.g. monthly de-stress tea events
    • Friends events (hiking, museum, etc.)
  • Mental health awareness events


  • “paying attention, on purpose, moment by moment and without judgement”
  • Better coping with stress, reduces anxiety
  • Prevent relapse of depression (mindfulness-based cognitive therapy)
  • Easy to carry out, commercial offers for mindfulness training, e.g.: Center for Mindfulness