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We are a community of students and (non-)academic staff members in Zurich.
MeWell's goal is to improve the awareness of mental wellbeing in academia and to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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Board Members

Tiyam Nikray


Anja Wullschleger

PR Team Co-Coordinator

David Neubauer


Yue Yu

Events Team Coordinator

Gianluca Ielpo

PR Team Co-Coordinator

Lou Troxler

Board Member

Shao Zhou

Board Member

Board of Advisors

Student Project House

Committee Members

Tülay Karakulak

Events and Community Committee

Dr. Arnav Mehrotra

PR Committee

Lou Troxler

Events Committee

Doina Rey

Finance Committee

Silvan Kessler

Finance Committee

Alyssa Moody

Finance Committee

Roman Sobkuliak

Events Committee

Katarzyna Kita

Events Committee

Laura Gabriel

Events Committee

Yana Kirichenko

Events Committee

Lucie zu Pappenheim

PR Committee

Léa Pitteloud

PR Committee

Neha Singh

PR Committee

Active Members

Mohammad Nouraddini

Ghjulia Sialelli

Jonathan Clemens

Shijie Hu

Naima Ferrante

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Public Documentation

As an act of transparency, we are happy to make our main legal documents public.


Listed are some of the many academic, private, and governmental institutions that we collaborate with!
ETH Student Project House
Gesundheitsfoerderung Kanton Zürich
Alias logo
Wie geht's dir? Kampagne
Pro Mente Sana
Students Mind Project
find your way coaching