We are a non-profit organization (Verein) which seeks to improve mental wellbeing in academia.

Our Goals


Increase the awareness and importance of mental wellbeing in academia.
We continually strive to host events and initiatives for the academic community. From relaxing events to guest talks to panel discussions with field experts, we want to engage our local academic community.

Peer-Support (Hüttli)

Provide a strong peer-support community and develop lasting friendships.
We are creating an ever-growing community of friends in which we promote a safe-space for people to feel welcome and to discuss topics that may be on our minds. The goal is to have frequent, healthy interactions between peers.


Become the on-campus hub for all information concerning mental wellbeing.

We provide information about helpful events and resources to those in need and to those who are generally interested. Our partnership with local organizations facilitates the transfer of this information.

Who We Are

We are a community of academic students and staff members in Zürich. Our goal is to improve the awareness of mental wellbeing in academia and to promote a healthy lifestyle. Meet some of the awesome MeWell members!

Our bylaws

Annual Report
Our annual report

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