Mental Health Week Program

Learn more about mental health in academia and how to positively impact your wellbeing!

About Mental Health Week

Mental health struggles are a common problem, the impact of which can often result in personal, social or economic liabilities. Young adults are particularly at risk, as 75% of mental illnesses first occur before the age of 25. The lack of knowledge and the dominant stigma surrounding mental health, prevent those affected from receiving adequate help.

Mental Health Week is MeWell’s annual capstone event, built around World Mental Health Day on the 10th of October. Our goal is to break the stigma around mental health.
Students, staff and faculty have a week-long opportunity to immerse themselves into important and diverse mental health topics, receive topical information form professionals and researchers, discuss ideas to deepen their understanding with like-minded peers as well as build communities of support and understanding.

By organizing this week of events, we further support our mission of proactively preventing mental health problems. We hope to bring more attention to the importance of mental health in academic surroundings and create an environment in which people value their mental state and where talking openly about mental health struggles is the norm rather than the exception.